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My first "real" experience was with the NYC dance club band ESG, who I played with for about 12 years.

My recorded work with ESG caught the ear of Vernon Reid, who sort of took me under his wing for a little while. I never played with Vernon, but he was really supportive and very generous with his contacts.

My own band, Jupiter, appeared on the Black Rock Coalition's first compilation album "The History of Our Future".

At one point, a chance meeting with Blue Note artist Bob Belden led to a recording session at The Hit Factory and a couple of Greenwich Village gigs as a guitarist in one of Bob's "Big Band" projects.

I also played bass in a Grunge Rock band called "Cultural Exhaust". We played regularly around NYC, and eventually landed a regular gig at Webster Hall. We had a self-released CD and a lot of label interest, but never got signed.

Playing in all of these different groups was great. But, even when I was playing my own songs, with my own groups, I was never able to bring all of the things that I liked to the table.

One day recently I realised that I had been so focused on chasing whatever I thought would get me a recording deal that I had squeezed all of the things out of my music that made it MINE.

The music you're listening to represents the beginnings of my attempt to pull together all of the different kinds of music that I've always loved, as well as the things that I love about what's going on now.

If I'm doing a decent enough job, then maybe you'll be able to hear some of the things that made you fall in love with music in the first place, and maybe in a way that you've never heard them before. Hopefully, you?ll enjoy the journey. Thanks for listening.